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Solar UPS

Inbuilt MPPT Solar Dual Power UPS

Inbuilt MPPT Solar Dual Power UPS
We offer Inbuilt MPPT Solar Dual Power UPS.

MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracker) Solar Charge Controller -Technical Specification


Maximum Solar PV Current30 Amps
Minimum Solar PV Panel VoltageRecommended PV voltage is 2 to 3 times the Battery/System voltage for better Solar charging response
Nominal Maximum Solar Input12 Volt 400watts, 2 4 Volt 1000 Watts , 36 volt 1300 watts, 2KVA 48 Volt 1500Watts & 3KVA 48 Volt 1600 Watts
Peak EfficiencyApprox 97%
Nominal System Voltage & Minimum Solar Pv panel voltage12, 24, 36 or 48 volts DC Max. / 24V, 48V, 60V & 72V
DC Maximum Self-consumption3 Watts
No Load SleepIf the load is less than 5W the inverter go to automatic sleep and saves power
Surge Protectionusing M O V

Advantages of MPPT Solar Charge Controller over PWM Solar charge controller:

The MPPT solar charge controller by the way of its design will extract solar energy and tap the same to almost 95- 100% level on good sun light. But the normal solar charge controller (Zero drop) working on the old concept PWM (Pulse width modulation) is not efficient like MPPT. Hence with PWM charge controller place inside solar inverter the ROI for PV panel is much less and stretched over a longer period .for example if you place a 75watt solar panel on sunlight, with MPPT 72 to 74Watt of solar power per hour could be tapped, But with Zero drop PWM solar charge controller capable of tapping 55Watt of solar energy per hour. This can be proved by measuring Solar current from PV panel using clamp meter and compare with I max (current maximum) from the PV panel manufactures chart. Making MPPT is expensive and that is why the price of the same is high when compared to PWM.

Solar Hybrid UPS With Zero Drop Solar Charge Controller

Solar Hybrid UPS With Zero Drop Solar Charge Controller
Solar Hybrid UPS with Zero Drop Solar Charge Controller Inbuilt 40A Zero Drop Solar Charge Controller and it is also known as Zero Drop Solar Charge Controller 20a/40a. These multifunctional inverters supplies the solar power to the household current and sending the excess energy.


Solar Charge Controller

Solar Charge Controller
Solar charge controller forms an essential component of virtually all solar power systems that utilize batteries. Our Solar Charge Controllers are used for controlling charging and discharging of battery & protects the whole battery bank.



Technical Specifications:


TypeMPPT 100/30
Nominal voltage12/24 V, automatic recognition
Nominal Battery charge current30A
Max. solar input voltage Voc95V
Max. PV input power450W @ 12V, 900W @ 24V
Max. battery charge current33A
Power conversion efficiencyUp to 98%
Standby power consumption<30mW at 12V system voltage (<2mA) <80mW at 24V system voltage (<3mA)
Temperature compensation-24mV / k (12V); -48mV / k (24V)
Max. wire size35mm²
Dimensions (W * H * D)185 * 150 * 115 mm
Weight1.6 Kg
Temperature range-40 to 50°C
Type of ProtectionIP22


Additional Information:

Solar Hybrid UPS

Solar Hybrid UPS
We offer Eminent Green Delite Solar Hybrid UPS.


VA Rating/System Voltage

750VA/12V, 1000VA/12V, 1400VA/24V, 2000VA/36V/48V, 3000VA /48V

Zero Drop solar charger

With maximum current Up to 20A/40Amps


With current up to 30A

Mains Charger

Up to 15A (20A on request

No load sleep

If the load is less than 5W the inverter will go to automatic sleep and saves power

Solar optimization functions

To utilize solar energy even mains available

LCD Display indications

It provides instantaneous information – input battery voltage, solar charger ON, Charger OFF, solar


FAULT, fault messages/Codes, and installer-customized screens

AC output voltage

230 V _10V

Output current waveform

Pure sine wave

Inverter efficiency


Power factor


Typical transfer time

Less Than 15ms in computer compatible mode


Lightning, BAT over Charge, Under Charge, Bat wire removal O/P Short Circuit/Over Load, Phase Reversal


Mains High Voltage/Low Voltage Cut OFF, Optional Temp Sensing for MOSFET Protection

Charger dies/enabler

Automatic or manual inbuilt mains charger disable & enable

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